Video Production for Services Marketing

Full-VideoSolutions has helped many companies in the service sector to show off the talents of their staff and make a good first impression on their customers. In this field, testimonials are extremely effective as a means of promoting the trust of potential customers. Full-VideoSolutions is consistently successful at getting people to speak on camera in a natural and engaging manner.


Client: Dormen Excerpt
Title: Promotional DVD
Duration: 3.16

Dormen is a public funded mentoring scheme set up to assist small businesses across Dorset. The organisation uses video to promote their service to mentors and new client companies and to ensure its future funding. A first DVD was commissioned in 2006 and following its success Full-VideoSolutions have produced a second DVD in 2008 that reflects the increasing success and growth of Dormen.

"I have found Full-VideoSolutions to be totally professional in all they have done. They produce very cost-effective films that show the 'softer benefits' of mentoring and have enabled me to develop the mentoring programme further."
Mick Waite, Dormen Programme Manager