Commercials and Advertising

Full-VideoSolutions make promotional and advertising videos for all types of distribution platforms. We can produce a script to fit your budget or find the best possible cast and crew to realise your own ideas.

Client: Haxnicks Ltd
Title: SpeedHoe
Duration: 2.17

This point-of-sale video for Haxnicks presented several challenges: the small POS screen, the possibility of shop workers muting the sound and the fact that when in use the blade of the hoe is out of sight.

Animated graphics produced by FullVideoSolutions illustrate how effectively SpeedHoe lifts the roots of weeds. Extra titles were added to make sense of the video footage when the voice-over and music are muted. Both titles and voice-over can both be changed if foreign language versions are required for the export market.

Time was another issue as scripting and filming had to be completed before winter. Haxnicks brought a summery feel to a grey November day's filming. They provided summer vegetables and flowers as well as unseasonally clad actors who braved five hour's filming with great spirit.